FTTP Incentive

Earn £40 cash bonus per FTTP connection*


FTTP Incentive – earn extra per connection!*

Moving to a full fibre solution has never been easier. FTTP is competitively priced, offers increased stability and significantly enhanced speed options resulting in a product that will ensure you have minimal churn.

Earn £40 per FTTP connection*
Payments made once Resellers reach 5th connection
Special offer on 115Mb/20Mb
Only £28 until March 2021
Multiple FTTP bandwidth options
From 115Mb/20Mb to 1Gb/115Mb
Reseller support – customer base analysis
  • ‘Data wash’ your customer base to match eligible FTTP areas
  • Identify any slow speed or high data connections in your customer base
  • Marketing support to help target your customers for FTTP upgrades

Incentive runs until 30/11/20. Conditions apply.

Please call us now on 0161 925 1530 if you have any questions.

Subject to the following:

*Resellers need to hit a target of 5 connections before qualifying for bonus payments.
Once target is hit, payments are made on all connections e.g. 5 connections = £200.
Incentive runs until 30/11/20. Bonus payments will be made in September 2020.
If any connections are ceased within 18 months, Beyond Connectivity reserves the right to claw back any bonuses paid