Simplified SIP Refresh

More features, new commercials and direct ordering

Simplified SIP

SIP Refresh
- more features, new commercials and direct ordering

Moving voice services to VoIP has never been more important with the current roll out of the 2025 switch off. As well as moving to fibre connectivity, the voice aspect goes hand in hand so now is a great opportunity to assess customer sites, and rationalise legacy PSTN and ISDN into SIP.

Simplified SIP has been updated, meaning the provisioning and ongoing management is now much more straightforward

Why Simplified SIP?

  • Direct ordering and in-life order management via our portal
  • Option of SIP Trunks with or without unlimited call bundles (conditions apply)*
  • MiVID II compliant inbound and outbound call recording
  • Teams Direct Routing - make, receive and transfer calls to and from Teams
  • Ability to set up daily and monthly fraud alerts
  • Schedule advanced call diverts
  • Diagnostics - SIP tracing available
  • Add IP address and run tests to check ports are open
  • Number flexibility with NGN and International numbers

*Ts & Cs apply - Unlimited call bundle applies to calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers and calls to mobile (3, EE, O2 & Vodafone). The ratio of outbound to inbound calls must not exceed 75% of the total calls made and received on a customer’s bundle account

Connectivity options (2025 ready)

SoGEA Minimum period Per month
SoGEA 40/10 12 months £28.75
SoGEA 80/20 12 months £28.80
FTTP Minimum period Per month
FTTP Data Only 115 / 20 12 months £28.00
FTTP Data Only 220 / 30 12 months £36.00
FTTP Data Only 330 / 50 12 months £39.50
FTTP Data Only 550 / 75 12 months £52.00
FTTP Data Only 1000 / 115 12 months £64.00
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