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August 2020 service update

The August 2020 service update includes widget enhancements, UI adjustments and bug fixes all aimed at improving the Simplified Hosted UC user experience.

The updates highlighted below will aid faster account and user deployment for resellers, whilst also offering their customers improved reporting granularity and control of their comms estate:

Update Highlights

Save Time Managing Customers
The Customer Account Widget now brings all the most commonly used functions into one place
Personalise User Accounts
Set up 'Gravatars' using profile images to improve customer account personalisation
Simpler Deployment & Automation
Resellers can now add UC plus licence orders to customer accounts & handset profiles can be updated automatically.
Give More Control To Your Users
Resellers and customers can now control their own conference accounts and can set participant and call duration limits.
Greater Flexibility
Licences now include access to the Softphone app and offers optimised call quality and power management
Be More Productive
Analytics now delivers improved hunt group analysis, a new view of call queues, IVR data visibility and an enhanced wallboard
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