Single order General Ethernet Access


SoGEA Is Here

As steps forward go, SoGEA is a big one. Finally, consumers and business can access Broadband services without the need of a landline*.

Using FTTC technology there is now no need to order, or have in place a dedicated PSTN line. Simpler ordering and quicker to install, SoGEA truly future-proofs customers’ connectivity,

Simplified Broadband - SoGEA is here

How is SoGEA delivered?

sogea Historic - separate provision
SoGEA Today - single access

SoGEA Highlights

  • Current UK footprint is 96.8% (v 23.2% for FTTP) as of June 2021
  • Ideal for ‘data only’ use / customers
  • Supports VoIP applications – bundle with our Simplified Hosted UC licence-only offering
  • Faster lead time and lower installation and rental costs
  • 2025 ready – help accelerate your customers to a fully IP environment
  • Bundle opportunities – provide SoGEA with VoIP capability

SoGEA Pricing

Service Speed/Usage Minimum Period Connection Self-install** Connection Managed Per Month
SoGEA 40/10 Up to 40Mb down / 10Mb up 12 months £0 £60 £28.75
SoGEA 80/20 Up to 80Mb down / 20Mb up 12 months £0 £60 £28.80
Contact us now sales@beyondconnectivity or call on 0161 925 1530.

*Customers will need a separate VOIP application for voice capability. Contact us to find out about our Simplified Hosted UC proposition

**Subject to survey / availability